At the primary school level we at Grandeur capitalize on the student's natural curiosity that children portray at this point in time or age. Based on these ideas and experiences we tend to expose them to theories and walk them through practical approaches so that they may investigate, learn and ponder over concepts, thus providing them with lessons for a lifetime. Our teachers play multiple roles such as facilitators, learners and guides at the same time.

The classrooms, multimedia facilities combined with a fine blend of the classrooms, teaching technologies and well trained teacher community. This provides the perfect platform and ambience to equip the children with an explosion of ideas, creative thought process, critical thinking in the fields of language, mathematics, sciences and moral values, making them well balanced individuals and world citizens.


Curricular Practices in Primary School

1. Curriculum based on age-specific learning outcomes.
2. Education through Themes and Projects: Our curriculum approaches learning and teaching in a holistic manner through meaningful themes and projects that reflect the wider world. Furthermore it also enables a concept of sharing ideas, and a strong sense of community because student activities are done in a collaborative manner.
3. Distinguished learning: Learning plans that cater to varied levels of learners in a class.
4. Presentations at the end of themes and projects.
5. Assessments: are based on learning outcome which are predefined before starting a topic and students will be assessed on the very same predefined outcome through observations, projects, activities, worksheets, research and presentations, and weekly reviews, linked to learning experiences.
6. Special activity weeks: Including visual and performing arts, literary activities, math, and science activities.
7. Accelerated learning, reading programmes for Math and English.
8. Reading enrichment programme.
9. Extended learning opportunities in the form of field trips and workshops.
10. Technology integration.